Private Events

Fteliá is an open beach experience that blends world-class music with amazing dishes in an unrivalled beach setting, just a stone’s throw away from the crystal waters of Fteliá Bay.

Our restaurant, perched on three terraces, together with two bars and a fabulous lounge area, make Fteliá an ideal venue for all sort of events.


Infuse your special day with calm, purity and light while you breathe the salty air of the Aegean Sea and soak up its magical energy.

Come night, Fteliá can seamlessly be transformed to host unrivaled parties, fit to bring such a special day to an adequate finale. Our high-end sound system and sophisticated lighting design will turn it into a perfect stage for you to celebrate your dream wedding.

Our selection of delicious signature dishes will equally contribute to an experience you will enjoy remembering with your loved ones.

Corporate Events

Working brunches or lunches, incentive dinners, team building events, product launches and other corporate events can easily be organized at Fteliá Mykonos.

Of course, once the work is over and your team can let their hair down, our sandy dance floor will be all yours til night!

Private Parties

This much-loved venue brings all the fun and freedom to Mykonos with a sophisticated touch and amazing soundtrack.

If you are seeking moments that will last a lifetime, there is no place like Fteliá.

A multi venue experience

The time that truly matters is the one that makes us feel good, so let’s create a full experience for you and your guests!

Spice up your stay at Mykonos with our world-famous dining experience at Lío, and our lifestyle Destino hotel.

Both Lío and Destino are available for private hire as well.